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Buying a major kitchen appliance can be daunting. Luckily, our experts have put in hundreds of hours researching features, reliability, customer service, and more to find the best large appliances in every category. Whether you're looking for a high-end range, a budget dishwasher, or something in between, we have picks.
  • The Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

    The Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

    by Tyler Wells Lynch

    The GE JB735 is our favorite affordable electric range because it’s sturdy, has great cooking features for the price, and is available in five finishes.

  • The Best Refrigerators

    The Best Refrigerators

    by Liam McCabe, Michelle Ma, and Kori Perten

    We have recommendations for three of the most-popular styles of refrigerator, including a 36-inch, French-door model (Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ).

  • How to Clean Your Grill

    How to Clean Your Grill

    by Lesley Stockton

    To keep your grill in working order, take time to do some simple cleaning tasks, as well as the occasional deep scrubdown, every time you cook.

  • The Best Pellet Grill

    The Best Pellet Grill

    by Lesley Stockton

    After smoking 100 pounds of meat on three pellet grills, we think the Traeger Pro 575 is worth the cost. It helps even beginners make great barbecue.

  • The Best Slide-In Gas Ranges

    The Best Slide-In Gas Ranges

    by Tyler Wells Lynch

    We looked at more than 60 gas-powered slide-in ranges, and we think the GE JGS760 is a good-looking, reliable performer that will work in most kitchens.

  • The Best Dishwasher

    The Best Dishwasher

    by Liam McCabe, Tyler Wells Lynch, Alex Arpaia, and Kori Perten

    After over 120 hours of research into 230 models over four years, we think the Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N is the best dishwasher for most people right now.

  • The Best Wall Ovens

    The Best Wall Ovens

    by Sharon Franke

    The Café CTS70DP2NS1 has a clean design that will look great in most kitchens, and it costs a lot less than other wall ovens with a similar aesthetic.

  • The Best High-End Ranges

    The Best High-End Ranges

    by Sharon Franke and Tyler Wells Lynch

    After talking to kitchen experts about high-end ranges, we found that Wolf and Miele are the most-respected brands, while Monogram is great for the price.

  • Refrigerator Buying Guide

    Refrigerator Buying Guide

    by Michelle Ma

    A fridge is a big purchase, one that requires a lot of decisions. We walk you through everything you need to know, and recommend models in each door style.

  • The Best Range Hoods on a Budget

    The Best Range Hoods on a Budget

    by Alex Arpaia

    Most range hoods work fine. But after looking into 80 different models, we think the GE JVW5301 is an affordable, attractive option to check out first.